Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are on the rise nowadays in hotels, bed and breakfasts, even on public transport. They have been on the rise in the past 6 to 8 years, even in highly industrialised European countries.

Bedbugs like to nest in crevices and hollows in beds and sofas. They hide in folds in mattresses, cracks and crevices, in the springs or behind the head of the bed, in bedside tables, paintings, skirting boards, even on electric cables and switches.

The superheated dry steam of the Cimex Eradicator has proved to be the innovative and effective solution of eliminating the problem of bedbugs.

The special feature of this system is the type of steam which, after being generated inside a boiler as in conventional steam generators, is further superheated inside the delivery nozzle up to a maximum temperature of 180°C.

At the time of delivery, the steam is mixed with the HPMed sanitising liquid, a water and alcohol-based solution containing sodium metasilicate and sodium carbonate, which can be delivered in the presence of people.

The flow of steam at 180° C is able to eliminate the adult insects, the larval stages and the eggs because it causes their thermal shock.


What are bedbugs?

The bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is a small parasitic insect which feeds exclusively on blood. Unlike many other human parasites, these insects do not live on their host’s body, but come into contact with it only to feed, preferring to spend the rest of their time in hidden corners close to the place where their host sleeps or spends a lot of time. They are mostly active at night.

Are bedbugs so small they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye?

No. Bedbugs are perfectly visible with the naked eye at all stages in their life cycle. It may be more difficult, especially for an untrained eye, to identify newborn larvae and eggs, because of their small size; but they are visible.

Are bedbugs attracted by dirt?

No, not at all. Bedbugs are not interested in hygiene, but only in the opportunity to feed on a host and nest close by.

Do bedbugs carry diseases?

At the moment there is no scientific evidence that bedbugs can carry diseases directly, even though the insects have been found to contain various pathogens. It is possible that the insects may be capable of indirectly transmitting the hepatitis B agent, but the specific conditions required for this to happen are not normally found in the home.


Effective:-  A few seconds of exposure to the flow of steam from Cimex Eradicator are enough to cause the death of adults and larvae, as well as eggs, which no insecticide can kill.

 It’s good for the environment and human health:- No potentially toxic substances are released in the environment.  The mixture of steam and HPMed can be released in the presence of people.

It's sanitizing:- As well as killing bedbugs, it eliminates bacteria, fungi and dust mites from the surfaces treated, and tends to rapidly deactivate any residues of products used in the past.

 It eliminates odours:- Combined use of HPMed and steam neutralizes the odour characteristic of these insects.

No waiting times:- Leaving no residues behind, other than a veil of moisture which will disappear within a few seconds, dry superheated steam also permits use of treated objects, furnishings and rooms within minutes of the completion of treatment therefore you can use the bed and other furniture straight away.